• Jim Voorhies

    I think most of us tend toward being interaction pickers rather than designers, hoping to hit the combination of gadgets that allow the user to accomplish their needs. We test with a few users and we’re off.

    That’s something about touch interfaces that disturbs me. We’re creating gestural modes of doing things that have no affordance, no previously learned behavior built into them – ones that require discovery. That’s both a challenge and a pain. A challenge for us and a pain for less experienced users. I hate discovering things I didn’t know I could do on a phone I’ve had over a year.

    • http://www.elisabethhubert.com/ Lis Hubert

      I think that is a great way to describe us! Also, I totally agree about the touch interfaces. They are definitely cool and sleek but there are so many things that are built into them that have to be discovered instead of just working. Thanks for posting!

  • Mike

    We don’t judge writers by how frequently they invent new words.

    • http://www.elisabethhubert.com/ Lis Hubert

      Great point. However we do judge them by the originality of their story.

      • Mike

        If they are novelists, but even then, the greatest stories have been told over and over again!

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  • http://twitter.com/vasukolla vasu kolla

    Very true.

    We should start focusing on improving life of the user and not improving the technology. 

    Most of the time we do conduct research but forget to push ourselves from creating interactions for the users, instead we pick interactions as Mick mentioned.  

  • Rachelcarson97


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