Keeping It Real About UX!

My first speaking event

Well the time has come… I have signed up for my first speaking event. I’m lucky enough to be invited to be part of a panel on “Emerging Social Media Tends: What You Must Know and How to Leverage It” at this year’s New York Entrepreneur Week. I’m very excited!
New York Entrepreneur Week is being put together by founder Gary Whitehill. It is a conference that raises awareness about and brings together entrepreneurs from around the area. There are a ton of great events and speakers (including me now!) and it is sure to be a huge success. Check out NYEW‘s website if this is something that appeals to you and also don’t forget to follow NYEW on twitter @NYEWeek. Lastly, feel free to provide feedback on the site, the UX designer (wink, wink) would be glad to hear things both good and bad so that we can ensure a better experience next time around.
Speaking, as some of you may know, is something I’ve always been interested in and being part of a panel is, for me, a great way to get started. I’m interested to see how entrepreneurs with a non-UX background take social media and also very interested to see the conversation that arises. I hope I’m prepared. Any advice or thoughts?

Wireframers & Strategists

I’ve found myself from time to time thinking about this pairing. In my UX career, I’ve found myself playing both roles, and love them each at times. To clarify, I’m using wireframers to mean IAs/IxDs that solve tactical, detailed problems and strategist those that deal with the overarching, conceptual issues. In smaller shops, or one woman shows it is easy enough to say that these two roles are one and the same. However, in larger companies this is often not true. These two roles are usually split, and I always think back to why. I’ve worked on the strategy side of things for big corporations and so I have a understanding from my point of view of why there is a split, but I would be interested in hearing more opinions from you. Please feel free to comment below, I think it may be interesting what different people say. Also feel free to note your current side of the fence so to speak. Thanks!