Keeping It Real About UX!

That was great!

This weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a San Antonio Beer Club meetup at my house. For the occasion I went to my favorite bakery and asked if they could bake a pastry in the shape of a dog head for the event (since everyone was to bring their dog). They said all we had to do was bring in a drawing or photo and they could do it.

So on Saturday morning my friend and I went to pick up the pastry. We walked in and there it was sitting in a box on the counter. The woman working the counter saw us and went to get the other baker. As she went we heard her say “they’re here to pick it up!” with excitement. Turns out thet used twice the amount of dough that we had paid for, but weren’t going to make us pay for it (although we did anyway) since it was their decision to do it right.

I loved this experience! I walked out of that place feeling like I was walking on air. There are people in this world (probably many in fact) that do a job and do it their very very best. Without having to be paid or told, they took the liberty of creating a product that ended up being perfect. Sometimes, working in corporate america, I like to think that that type of experience, product creation will catch on. I like to pour that amount of passion into what I do and love to see when others take the same care. Here’s a photo of the cake:

Dog Cake


Why I love my dog

This is my dog Isabelle: Isabelle’s Picture.

Today I was relaxing a little after work (in all about five minutes before I thought about this post) and starting thinking about why I love this dog. I love Isabelle because, besides being very cute :), she’s consistent. I come home from work and she’s waiting at the door… everyday. I take my gym clothes out of my bag and she rolls in them… everyday. There are a few inconsistencies but all in all she’s on her game. Then I came to the realization that this is very similar to why I enjoy certain web experiences. I enjoy going to the North Carolina Tarheels’ site every Tuesday because I know there will be an interesting commentary from their writer and so on and so forth.

Now I realize that this is something very fundamental to what we all do, but I couldn’t help but get this one out. After living in a world that was consumed by our company’s overhaul of the website and knowing that this would negatively effect our users and being slightly annoyed that they didn’t understand our pain… I can’t help but blame them. They just wanted a little normalcy.