If creating products and services that are meaningful and valuable to both business and users were easy, every company would be doing it. And, although doing this isn’t something we learn in grade school, I have a tried and true process for getting you and your business to this end goal. It’s simple really….

Step 1 – Engagement

First engaging me and anyone from my team means engaging with talented individuals who are passionate about helping you and your business reach your end goals. I am light on the fluff and heavy on the work that matters, and understanding this will help you to see why I’m successful at what I do.

Step 2 – I understand you

But before one can do the work that matters I’ll need to understand you. This means understanding your business, your users, and your technology, your competitors, whatever it is we need to bring into the fold in order to first define and agree on the problem to solve, and then setting out solving it.

Step 3 – You understand you

Sometimes the answers that we need are hidden in plain view, but sometimes they are not. After we go through and unearth the real issue to be solved, not only will I help to bring that to light for you, but we can begin to point out all the gaps that are present in helping us to get the solution

Step 4 – We make your business better

Now that I’m up to speed and you are up to speed, and we know what gaps are present, I’ll use my talents to help us close those gaps. Whether we find gaps in the organization, the project team, the product or the service, I will be able to help you to figure out how to close them.

Step 5 – Meaningful (and Successful!) Product Attained… together!

Consulting services my team and I provide include:

  • Leading any and all stages of digital product design
  • Providing advising, management of, or information architecture solutions for product conception, development and maintenance
  • Helping to define the most important problems of the most important users
  • Architecting solutions that best address the most important business problems along with the most important problems of the the most important users
  • Optimizing existing product, information architecture & user experience resources and fill the gaps where internal resources don’t yet exist
  • Providing product & digital strategy, information architecture, and user research subject matter expertise
  • Training and mentoring information architecture & user experience professionals and teams